Quails’ Gate Rose B.C. 2019

This marks a return to the tried and true for Quails’ Gate and their hugely popular Rose. Last year’s vintage was an outlier and not what I expected and frankly I didn’t enjoy it as much. Having just tasted the 2019 I’m a happy to declare Quails’ Gate is back. A beautiful pale pink with an aroma of summer flowers giving way to flavours of berries and a slice of watermelon. Crispy and dry with good acidity and a terrific finish. It’s also a great buy. This is a classic rose style and will be the perfect dinner companion all summer long.

Price: $17.99 (plus tax)
Available: B.C. Liquor stores
Price: $18.39 (plus tax)
Available: Save-On wines across B.C.

Rust Wine Co. Rose B.C. 2019

Many of us see Rose as the quintessential good time wine. Although I #drinkpink year round I still associate it with patios, summer parties and fun times with friends. Rust may just have nailed the good time Rose of the season. Winemaker Ryan de Witte acknowledged to my friend Kristoff Gillese that he wanted his Rose to be “gulpable.” Sounds perfect to me and I think he’s delivered with the 2019 vintage. This is a fruit bomb made with 100% Cabernet Sauvignon and I love it. Quite a stark contrast to the pale pink, lighter bodied styles that dominate this wine category but don’t overlook Rust. It’s fruity and rich to the taste which might trick your palate into thinking it’s a sweet wine. That’s not what I taste but each of us will decide based on the first sip. It paired perfectly with Spicey Rib from Kosoo restaurant in the West End.

Price: $21.99 (plus tax)
Available: Everything Wine in North Vancouver, South Vancouver, South Surrey and Langley
Price: $22.00 (plus tax)
Available: Winery direct at www.rustwine.com

Winemaker’s Cut Rose B.C. 2019

One of the most enjoyable aspects of writing about wine is discovering a new winery that grabs your attention and your palate. Last year I tasted Winemaker’s Cut for the first time and was instantly impressed. I’m glad to be sharing this beautiful rose with my readers.
From start to finish this is a terrific wine. Pro tip: don’t overchill or you’ll lose the beautiful aroma of apple blossom. What made this rose standout for me is that it delivers a beautiful nose, an interesting mix of fresh fruit flavours, a medium body and good acidity. In other words it’s the complete package. This rose is 90% Cabernet Franc and 10% Syrah so expect good structure too. If you’re looking for a new rose to try this spring grab Winemaker’s Cut.

Price: $21.09 (plus tax)
Available: Save-On wines across B.C.
Price: $26.00 (taxes in)
Available: Winery direct at www.winemakerscut.ca
Price: $24.99 (plus tax)
Available: Swirl Wines in Yaletown

Black Hills Estate Winery Rose 2018 B.C.

I’ve been chomping at the bit waiting for this beautiful wine to be released since tasting it at a Black Hills event last year. Expectations are high for the winery that gave us Nota Bene and they’ve delivered big time. What stood out for me was the complexity. Master of Wine Ross Wise used three grapes for his rose. Pinot Noir 42%, Gamay 35% and Malbec 23%. A beautiful copper pink in the glass I picked up aromas of strawberry and watermelon. Strawberry dominates on tasting with a hint of rhubarb. This is a wonderfully complex rose with a long finish. I love the acidity and feel confident in saying Black Hills rose will pair with your favorite summer dish. The price is also lower than previous vintages which only adds to this being my best buy pick of rose season. Enjoy!

Price: $21.89 (plus tax)
Available: Save-On wines across B.C.
Price: $24.90 (plus tax)
Available: Winery direct www.blackhillswinery.com
Price: $24.99 (plus tax)
Available: Swirl Wines in Yaletown

Fort Berens Rose B.C. 2019

If there ever was a time to #drinkpink it’s NOW! Rarely does a rose fail to put a smile on my face and Fort Berens latest vintage is a great example. A pretty salmon pink in the glass hints at the style of this rose. Made from 100% pinot noir this is a lighter bodied, fresh take that has a lovely aroma of a summer bouquet. The taste is a fruit salad of cherries, strawberries and a nice tangy crab apple. This is further proof that Fort Berens continues to grow as a must try B.C. winery. Each vintage wins me over because you can taste the hard work and commitment to taking their place among the top tier of our province’s best. I paired this with a mild chicken curry and it lifted both the dish and the wine.

Price: $18.49 (plus tax) winery direct at www.fortberens.ca
Price: $21.00 (plus tax) at Save-On wines across B.C.

Blue Grouse Estate Winery Quill White B.C. 2018

These are trying times for restaurants and wineries in our province. Ironically the coronavirus hit while B.C. wine had never been better. While we all learn the importance of staying home that doesn’t mean we have to go without! Let me recommend you jump on this incredible deal from Blue Grouse Estate Winery from the beautiful Cowichan valley on Vancouver Island. Winemaker Bailey Williamson has crafted a delicious white blend called Quill that truly is the sum of its parts. The blend is 32% Pinot Gris, 30% Schonburger, 24% Gewurztraminer and 14% Siegerrebe. It has a delightful fragrance and a flavours of lemon, peaches and orange peel. It’s a light bodied, fresh wine that’s very food friendly and immensely gulpable.(Is that even a word?) Just when you think it couldn’t get any better it does. The Quill White is 25% off! You can save $5.00 a bottle when buying 6 or more bottles. Share a case and split the cost.

Price: $16.50 a bottle with discount for buying 6 or more.
Available: Winery direct at www.bluegrouse.ca

Paul Mas Grenache Noir France 2018

Finding wine bargains can be a challenge as the B.C. government squeezes consumers for every last penny. If you travel to Ontario or Quebec check out the price of your favorite wine. You’ll see what I mean. Here’s a terrific value red from a winery that always delivers quality at a fair price. I first tasted Paul Mas wines about five years ago and at the time I had to double check the price on the bottle. How could a wine this good be priced so low? The Grenache Noir is another example from the Mas family you should check out. This is a great everyday wine, smooth and delicious with flavours of dark berries and a hint of spice. Pair it with your favourite comfort food like a hearty stew.

Price: $11.99 (plus tax)
Available: B.C. Liquor stores and Everything Wine in North Vancouver, South Vancouver, South Surrey and Langley

Evolve Pink Effervescence B.C.

Any day with bubbles is a great day. Nobody has done a better job of delivering a quality sparkling #BCwine at a better price than Evolve. The pink is my personal favorite. I love the fresh, juicy style while still keeping it crisp and dry. Oh and the bubbles are lovely too. The flavours of summer berries carries through from start to finish. You can serve this to friends and family as a welcome wine. Pair it with dinner and you’ll find it’s a good match for everything from tacos to turkey. Plus it’s a steal of a deal and you don’t need to fuss with a cork. What more could you ask for? Happy Holidays!

Price: $19.99 plus tax
Available: Save-On Wines across the province and select B.C. Liquor stores

Harper’s Trail Riesling 2018 B.C.

One of the best examples of B.C. winemakers pushing the envelope of excellence is the incredible array of rieslings made in our province. This Silver Mane Block riesling from Harper’s Trail is a great example. One of the few Platinum medals awarded in this year’s WineAlign National Wine Awards went to Harper’s Trail riesling. If you dismiss this varietal as “too sweet” I bet one taste will change your mind. This is a rich yet crisp style that balances the fruit with perfect acidity. There’s impressive minerality in wines from the Thompson river valley and that’s what makes this wine stand out from the crowd. I paired it with yellow curry and it became incredibly savoury. If you’re looking for a white to match holiday feasts give this riesling a try.

Price: $19.99 plus tax
Available: Save-On-Foods wines at locations across B.C. and Swirl wines in Yaletown

Singletree Siggy 2018 B.C.

The wine world is infamous for grapes that are impossible to spell let alone pronounce. It appears Singletree Winery in Abbotsford has given up trying to convince fans of the proper name of this well made wine. Opting for the nickname Siggy for the aromatic white officially known as Siegerrebe. I’m happy to default to the short form because i want to give this wine a big thumbs up. It was the first wine I tasted at Singletree’s inaugural portfolio release. It’s still my favorite. From aroma to flavour this a quintessential B.C. wine. It’s like a walk through an orchard with lush flavours of peaches and apples. A rich wine with a lovely aroma, you can enjoy it as an easy sipper or pair it with big feasts like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Already a great buy at the store, you can get it for $16.00 at the Winery and enjoy the beauty of the vineyards for free!

Price: $17.29 plus tax
Available: Save-On wines across B.C.