Gray Monk Pinot Auxerrois B.C.

I’ve posted reviews of Pinot Gris (Grigio), Pinot Blanc and Pinot Noir but rarely do you see Pinot Auxerrois. Gray Monk has produced this varietal for years but most white wine fans have never opened a bottle. If you’re looking for something fresh and fruity give this wine a try. It’s such a versatile white. I enjoy Auxerrois on its own while curling up for a night of Netflix. It’s a great patio sipper on a hot summer day. Plus it’s a great companion with your favourite salad or appies. It’s also a terrific buy at less than $15!

Price: $14.79 (plus tax)
Available: B.C. Liquor stores and Everything Wine in North Vancouver and South Surrey
Price: $16.99 (plus tax)
Available: Village VQA in Kitsilano

Poderi dal Nespoli 1929 Sangiovese Italy

I love charcuterie and tomato based pasta dishes so it’s not surprising that I drink a lot of Italian wine. Thanks to the always solid recommendation of Peter Harlos at Sutton Place Wine Merchant I have another red to add to my website. This 100% Sangiovese is an earthy, fruity and aromatic wine. Aromas of dark fruit with flavours of black cherries, plums and spice. A solid, everyday table wine that makes a good companion for pizza too. Make sure to decant or aerate this red beforehand to fully enjoy the wine.

Price: $18.22 (plus tax)
Available: Sutton Place Wine Merchant on Burrard street

La Vieille Ferme Ventoux Rose France

This is one of the most beautiful rose wines in the glass. A pretty salmon pink that delivers a classic, dry and tasty rose that everyone should keep on hand. The aroma of flowers will make you think spring. The flavour of fresh fruit, a hint of spice along with a good balance of acidity reminds me why rose is my go to food wine. I paired it with wild sockeye salmon burgers and what a match. This is an absolute bargain for the price and I’m going to enjoy it year round. Drink pink!

Price: $12.49 (plus tax)
Available: B.C. Liquor stores

Louis Bernard Cote du Rhone Blanc France

I’ve often pointed out that wines from the Rhone Valley are some of the best buys on the planet. Here’s another example from the Vancouver International Wine Festival. This is a blend of five grapes and it’s much more complex than you’d expect for a wine that’s less than $15. The aroma is a bouquet of flowers and the taste is apples and peaches. The finish is impressive and lingers in a way that’s more common in expensive wines. Whether you enjoy this as your everyday sipper or as a go to table wine at a dinner party I promise you won’t be disappointed. An absolute bargain!

Price: $13.99 (plus tax)
Available: B.C. Liquor stores

Tinhorn Creek Gewürztraminer B.C.

Although I’m a latecomer to Gewürztraminer I am now a fulsome supporter of this delicious varietal. Credit Tinhorn Creek with turning a sceptic into a fan. This is the 3rd vintage I’ve tasted from the south Okanagan winery and I think it’s the best yet. 2015 was a very hot summer and you always wonder if it’ll be too hot for some grapes. The answer as far as this wine is concerned is “absolutely not.” Once again the floral aroma draws you in and make sure you savour the moment. The taste is that heady mix of lychee, peaches and mango that seems even more luscious with this vintage. It’s deep and intense with a long, lingering finish. A perfect match with spicy butter chicken. Tinhorn Creek also brings this wine in at a very good price which is another reason to enjoy this Gewürztraminer.

Price: $15.99 (plus tax)
Available: B.C. Liquor stores

Uber Riesling Kabinett Germany

For those who like a milder Riesling this is your wine. Some Rieslings are, to me, cloying in their sweetness or the petrol aroma can almost overwhelm. Uber strikes a nice balance with aromas and flavours of lemon and lime and a hint of honey. It still has the right acidity I expect in this varietal. A very quaffable sipper to be enjoyed with company or pair it with everything from soft cheeses to blackened chicken. A very well priced wine.

Price: $12.99 (plus tax)
Available: B.C. Liquor stores

Castleforte Pinot Grigio and Corvina Italy

Who doesn’t like wine on sale? Here’s a white and red from Italy that’s just the ticket when you’re having a house party and don’t want to break the bank. The Pinot Grigio has the aroma and flavours of lemon and lime. Clean and crisp with good acidity. Enjoy on its own or with any seafood appies. The Corvina grape is used to make Valpolicella but on its own I thought it was a great value, everyday sipper. Flavours of black cherries in a medium bodied wine that is great with pizza or BBQ ribs.

Price: $14.95 (plus tax)
Available: Sutton Place Wine Merchant

Mountain Fish Agiorgitiko Greece

Like many Canadians I have fond memories of backpacking through Greece but my only wine memory is of Retsina. Suffice it to say it was not a pleasant memory. Decades later I’m adding a Greek wine to my website and this is an absolute pleasure. There’s just a handful available on B.C. wine shelves and this is the newest. You couldn’t ask for a better introduction to the wines of Greece. Wine geeks love using “approachable” in their reviews but I’m a simple man so I’m going with drinkable. As in, this wine is deserving of being added to your drinkable list. I loved the flavours of cherries and plums along with a hint of spice. I think it compares quite favourably to Rhone Valley wines. That means Mountain Fish is also very good friendly. From roast chicken to lamb chops this is a terrific match. Give it a try and I bet you’ll be back for more.

Price: $18.99 (plus tax)
Available: B.C. Liquor stores

StoneCap Syrah Washington State

I’m a big fan of Syrah because it offers so much variety of flavours depending on where its produced. B.C. is rightfully proud of our Syrah and so should our wine neighbours to the south. StoneCap makess an impressive, full bodied Syrah that’s perfect with beef stew now or with BBQ when the weather warms up. The flavour and aroma is black plums with hints of smoke and chocolate. A rich and smooth wine that has a lovely, long finish that begs for a second glass. This is the first time I’ve tasted Stonecap wines but it won’t be the last.

Price: $20.99 (plus tax)
Available: Everything Wine in South Surrey
Price: $21.95 (plus tax)
Available: Dundarave Wine Cellar in West Vancouver
Price: $23.95 (plus tax)
Available: Legacy Liquor at Olympic Village

Bartier Bros. Gewürztraminer B.C.

Lunar or Chinese New Year is a wonderful celebration in the lower mainland and what a feast of flavours. Luckily B.C. produces some perfect wine pairings. To celebrate the Year of the Rooster here’s a gem from one of our province’s best winemakers, Michael Bartier. Gewürztraminer is one of my go-to picks for spicy Asian cuisine and Bartier Bros. nails it with this wine. The aroma signals what you’ll enjoy with first sip. Plenty of tropical flavours….mango, pineapple and grapefruit bring a beautiful cooling influence to the heat of the dish. In my case it was Sichuan beef and green beans and it worked so well. When a spicy dish is on the table you’ll find Bartier Bros. is a welcome guest.

Price: $18.24 (plus tax)
Available: Swirl Wine Store in Yaletown