Haywire Lunar Red 2021 B.C.

Lunar New Year is a special time for many in the lower Mainland and calls for a special wine. Haywire Winery rises to the occasion with this delicious red blend appropriately named Lunar Red. To mark the Year of the Dragon this robust wine is a more musclar style than previous vintages. A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot I would say it falls between a medium to full bodied red. Its lip-smackingly juicy and flavourful and I can see this being a popular pairing at a New Year dinner. BBQ duck comes to mind. Enjoy!

Price: $23.88 plus tax
Available: Winery direct at www.okanagancrushpad.com

L’Artisan Le Grenache Noir France 2021

With fall and winter comes some major feasts and large gatherings. I’m always on the lookout for a well-priced wine that’s food friendly. This Grenache from the Paul Mas is a great choice. I loved the nose that had aromas of berries and herbs. This is a medium bodied red that’s loaded with flavour, a hint of spice and affordable when you’re pouring for a crowd. It’s available at select B.C. Liquor stores so go on-line to their website to find the closest location to you. Happy Thanksgiving!

Price: $19.99 plus tax
Available: B.C.Liquor stores

Solvero Pinot Noir B.C. 2020

There’s much to like about the wineries found in Summerland. Particularly when the grapes are grown in the Garnet Valley Vineyard. The newest winery to embrace that wonderful property is Solvero. Roughly translated from Latin, Solvero means “truth in soil.” Authentic would be another word to describe this silky, smooth Pinot Noir. B.C. has rightfully earned a deserved reputation for making delicious PN and Solvero can join the ranks of some of the province’s best. From nose to palate this a wine full of expression. The dark cherries set the tone in a wine that’s complimented by earthy tones, a hint of stone and a lingering finish. Winemaker Alison Moyes deserves a hearty “well done” for crafting this premium B.C. wine.

Price: $35.00 plus tax
Available: Winery direct at www.solverowines.ca
Price: $39.00 plus tax
Available: Legacy Liquor
Price: $41.00 plus tax
Available: Marquis Wine Cellars

South Africa Wine Tasting

So many wines, so little time. There’s no better way to discover new wines than by tasting them. The more you taste, the more you discover varieties, regions and wineries that help you grow your wine IQ. This weekend Everything Wine is inviting you to take home South African wines at FREE tastings at all six of their stores in B.C. The three reds featured on my post are just some the wines on offer Saturday and Sunday between 12 and 4 p.m. I’m a big fan of South African wines because of their quality, their value and the most important part…they’re so tasty. I think when you get an opportunity to try the wines that’ll be poured this weekend you’ll become a fan too. Did I mention the tasting is FREE??

Available: Everything Wine in North Vancouver, Vancouver-River District, South Surrey, Langley, Abbotsford and Langford.

Fort Berens Rosé 2022 B.C.

I couldn’t feel right about my “In the Pink” series without including Fort Berens Rosé. The Lilloet winery has built on one successful vintage after another and no better example than their tasty pink. I’m always drawn in by the fragrance of summer berries. Once I’ve enjoyed that I know my palate is about to be spoiled. The dry, light bodied rosé is Pinot Noir dominant (70%) with Merlot and Cabernet giving the wine a strong supporting cast. Raspberry is what I taste in this balanced, juicy and flavourful pink. Pair it with bbq chicken and a summer salad and enjoy.

Price: $22.99 plus tax
Available: Winery direct at www.fortberens.ca

Price: $23.99 plus tax
Available: B.C. Liquor stores and select Save-On-Foods wine stores

Evolve Pink Effervescence N/V B.C.

For my “In the Pink” series I couldn’t resist adding some bubbles to the lineup. Once again the Evolve Pink Effervescence from the Time Family of Wines is my hands down choice. Since launching my website almost a decade ago I’ve long viewed the Evolve lineup as a reliable go-to for quality B.C. wine at a great price. This is the perfect sparkling wine for a summer gathering. You don’t need to take my word for it. It’s a gold medal winning wine from the All Canadian Wine Championships! A light bodied and dry sparkler with a lovely aroma of strawberries and cherries. It’s a blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Blanc with just a splash of Syrah. A perfect pink for birthdays, weddings, special occasions of all kinds. You’ll be as much a fan as me after your first glass.

Price: $21.99 plus tax
Available: B.C. Liquor stores across the lower mainland
Price: $22.69 plus tax
Available: Select Save-On-Foods wine stores

Cellier des Dauphins Val Soleu Rosé France 2021

Another delicious rosé to add to my “In the Pink” series and it comes from France. I’m in love with rosé from there and the Rhone valley offers some of the best examples of pink wine. Look at the colour and you know what to expect. Light to medium body, dry, refreshing style with flavours of strawberries and a bit of sour cherry. I can’t get enough of this wine that’s a blend of Grenache and Cinsault. Perfect on its own but I’ve found rosé to be a wonderful match with almost any dish. I paired this wine with smokies off the bbq.

Price: $25.00 plus tax
Available: Everything Wine across the lower mainland.

Studio by Miraval Rosé France 2022

When you combine Hollywood star power with Provence, France you must be talking about Miraval. This is the affordable rosé from Brad Pitt and his partnership with
one of France’s finest wineries, Famille Perrin. Even more affordable this month because B.C. Liquor has it on sale. This is classic Provence pink. Pale pink in colour, bone dry and delicious. You’ll be hard pressed to find a rosé of this quality at this price. Don’t sleep on this wine…you do not want to miss out on this gem.

Price: $19.99 plus tax ($2.00 saving) until July 1st
Available: B.C. Liquor stores across the lower mainland

Chronos Rosé B.C. 2022

Each vintage of wine tells a different story and the 3rd rosé for my “In the Pink” series is a classic example. Since the Time Family of Wines relaunched its lineup I’ve been enjoying the wines carrying the new Chronos label. Apparently I’m not alone because the 2022 vintage Rosé was awarded two gold medals at this year’s Cascadia International Wine Festival. One taste will tell you why. Made with Syrah specifically grown for this rosé I really enjoyed the wine from start to finish. On the nose there’s a lovely aroma of red berries with a touch of rhubarb. On the palate I tasted strawberries with some cranberries adding tart notes. This is a dry, medium bodied rosé I paired with charcuterie. Give it a try.

Price: $24.99 plus tax
Available: Select Save-On-Foods wine stores across B.C.
Price: $25.99 plus tax
Available: Winery direct at www.timewines.ca

Road 13 Honest John’s rosé B.C. 2021

It’s time for “In the Pink” chapter two. Road 13 has been a perennial favorite rosé for me but I have to admit I was surprised when I tasted the latest vintage. Surprised in a good way though. A blend of pinot noir and gamay, this is a departure from previous years but shout out to winemaker Barclay Robinson for an excellent rosé. The gamay adds savoury notes to the blend that is fresh, dry and light bodied. I’m going to be all over this pink now that I’m in summer mode.

Price: $20.99 plus tax
Available: B.C. Liquor stores across B.C.
Price: $21.99 plus tax
Available: Save-On-Foods wines across B.C.