Bonamici Cab Franc/Merlot B.C. 2018

The Cab/Merlot blend is the bedrock of B.C. red wine. Many are juicy fruit bombs while others offer structure and complexity. Bonamici falls into the latter category. Much of that is due to a better balance of the two grapes. This vintage is 60% Merlot and 40% Cabfranc which gives it more body. That’s a sharp contrast to many others in this category that are heavily skewed to Merlot and tend to be a softer red. The Bonamici is fruit forward, medium bodied with great acidity and a lovely dash of spice. I paired this with bolognese and the spice in the wine worked well with that dish.

Price: $27.00 plus tax
Available: At select Save-On-Foods wine stores across B.C.
Price: $28.00 plus tax
Available: Winery Direct at
Price: $30.00 plus tax
Available: Everything Wine in North Vancouver, South Vancouver, South Surrey and Langley