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Fort Berens Rosé B.C. 2021

The B.C. wine industry is full of stories of wineries that have begun modestly and developed into first rate producers. From my experience Fort Berens is a prime example. I’ve enjoyed their progression with each vintage and I heartily recommend you give them a taste. Why not start out with their Rosé? This is largely driven by Pinot Noir and fleshed out with dollops of Merlot and Cabernet Franc. Think strawberries in summer in a delicious pink that’s perfect for the backyard, deck or cottage. A food friendly wine that you can pair with ANYTHING or just gulp down a glass or three. It’s that good.

Price: $22.00 plus tax
Available: Select Save-On-Foods stores across B.C. or winery direct at

Cedarcreek Rosé B.C. 2021

It’s still early in the rosé release season but I’ve had the chance to taste 6 so far and Cedarcreek is the runaway winner for me. Made from 100% Pinot Noir this an elegant, light bodied example of how B.C. can match up to the wine world’s best pink. The light colour is often an indicator of a style of rosé that emulates what you’ll find in Provence.
Take in the beautiful aroma of strawberries that carries through on the taste. A long finish and balanced acidity completes this wine like none other I’ve tasted this year. Paired with grilled salmon you may need a second bottle. In a word Cedarcreek rosé is “delicious. Get it before it’s gone!

Price: $25.00 plus tax winery direct at
Price: $26.00 plus tax
Available: Select Save-On-Foods stores across B.C.
Price: $28.00 plus tax
Available: Marquis Wine Cellars on Davie street

Chronos Rosé B.C. 2020

While many associate rosé with a patio in summer I’m a member of the rosé year-round club. In the summer I prefer the lighter bodied, traditional French style. Once the weather turns cooler I search out a more fruit forward, medium bodied style and here’s a new pink from Chronos that’s pitch perfect. This is the new line of wines from the Time Family that includes Evolve and McWatters.
This is a beautifully made pink, 100% syrah which hints at what to expect in the glass. For me it started with an aroma of summer…ie. strawberries that carries through with the first sip. Then the syrah kicks in with medium bodied red fruit and a touch of pepper. Some real finesse with layers of flavour and a long finish. More than enough body to pair with vindaloo, a stew or sautéed Miso vegetables. Who says rosé all day can’t be for winter too?

Price: $24.29 plus tax
Available: Select Save-On-Foods wines stores across B.C.
Price: $24.99 plus tax
Available: Winery direct at

In-house Wine Tasting

There’s nothing I enjoy more than introducing winelovers to something new and seeing their instant reaction. We’re all curious about adding to our individual wine lists and I like pouring something new to an appreciative audience. It’s one of my major goals at Many clients and friends are keen on discovering something new from B.C. Others like to sample the world or find a selection of great wines at a great price. If that sounds like you please get in touch. I’d love to pour for you.
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Arrogant Frog Rosé France 2020

One of the best deals in French Rosé just got better because it’s on sale. The 3litre Arrogant Frog is priced at $32 plus tax until September 3rd. The grapes originate in the sun kissed Languedoc region that hugs the Mediterranean coast. This is classic pink with rich fruit flavours, crispy and dry and a great finish. Its calling out for a backyard BBQ or a day at the beach. Once you pour the first glass the winemaker suggests you finish the box within two weeks. Just have some friends over and polish it off in one evening.

Price: $32.00 plus tax
Available: B.C. liquor stores across the province

Foxly Rosé B.C. 2019

Among the host of premium B.C. wineries, Foxtrot on the Naramata Bench has earned a reputation for very well made Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. They’ve also branched out with a second label called Foxly to meet the lower priced tier. My first experience is with this Rosé. The grapes come from the Okanagan and the wine is made at Foxtrot. This pink is a blend of Pinot Gris with a splash of Austria’s pride and joy…Zweigelt. The latter gives a nice salmon colour to the wine. On the nose I picked up stone fruit and tasted flavours of peaches and strawberries in a fruit forward, dry style of rose. Good acidity and a creamy finish made this wine very enjoyable. This is the 2019 vintage which is for sale in Vancouver while the 2020 vintage is available winery direct.

Price: $25.00 plus tax
Available: Save-On-Foods wines across B.C.
Price: $27.40 plus tax
Available: Legacy Liquor at Olympic Village

Les Fleurs du Mal Rosé France 2020

I love Rosé and French Rosé is always near the top of my list. Here’s what to expect. A beautiful pale pink in the glass, dry as rosé was intended and good acidity that sure works well when pairing it with charcuterie. Lots of strawberries on the nose and palate with a hint of herbs and spice. A very pleasant summer sipper.

Price: $16.99 plus tax
Available: B.C. Liquor stores

Wolf & Grouse Light Aperitif B.C.

I love when imaginative people come up with a new idea yet it retains a B.C. ethos. The Wolf & Grouse Aperitif has Blue Gouse Winery at its core. Their delicious Quill White Blend that I’ve reviewed earlier this year. But then add flowers, fruit and roots and suddenly you’re transported from the Cowichan Valley to a piazza in Italy. You can make it your own by adding a splash of your favorite gin, sparkling wine or tonic water. What you’ll discover is a remarkably fresh aperitif with Italian aromatics that’s also low in alcohol. Perfect as a starter before dinner or as a backyard sipper on a summer’s day. If you’re visiting Vancouver Island drop into the winery for a taste.

Price: $34.00 plus tax
Available: Winery direct at Blue Grouse Estate Winery

Bartier Bros Rosé 2020 B.C.

The reason I look forward to tasting Bartier Bros Rosé every spring is because it’s a unique take on pink wine. Always provides a little surprise that I don’t find elsewhere. A beautiful pale pink, dry and medium bodied with a lovely rhubarb tartness in the flavour. It’s a blend of Chardonnay, 56%, Gewurtzraminer, 42% and a splash of Merlot. That alone makes the wine stand out and with Michael Bartier’s deft touch it’s a delicious Rosé. I love how it rolls across the tongue. Whether you’re sipping a glass on your deck or pairing it with a summer salad or seafood this is a wine to add to your list.

Price: $15.99 plus tax until July 31st and then $17.99 plus tax
Available: B.C. Liquor stores
Price: $18.17 plus tax
Available: Marquis Wine Cellars on Davie street
Price: $21.99 plus tax
Available: Swirl Wines in Yaletown

Road 13 Rose B.C. 2020

It’s spring so time to drink pink! Once again Road 13 delivers a very drinkable rose at a terrific price. The nose jumps out of the bottle like a basket of fresh fruit. Flavours of cherries and strawberries with a balanced acidity and a lively finish. Rose goes with everything and I’ve already enjoyed this wine with taco salad and a mixed grill. Load up this month because it’s on sale!

Price: $17.99 plus tax
Available: B.C. Liquor stores
Price: $18.79 plus tax
Available: Save-On-Foods wines across B.C.
Price: $22.99 plus tax
Available: Swirl Wines in Yaletown