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Vancouver International Wine Festival

There’s no better place to be if you’re a #winelover than VanWineFest. 1700 wines are being poured at Vancouver Convention Centre through Saturday night. I’m posting my picks on social media so make sure you’re following Ron Wilson on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. This is a rare opportunity to try wines that are only available at the Festival. Cheers

Uber Riesling Kabinett Germany

For those who like a milder Riesling this is your wine. Some Rieslings are, to me, cloying in their sweetness or the petrol aroma can almost overwhelm. Uber strikes a nice balance with aromas and flavours of lemon and lime and a hint of honey. It still has the right acidity I expect in this varietal. A very quaffable sipper to be enjoyed with company or pair it with everything from soft cheeses to blackened chicken. A very well priced wine.

Price: $12.99 (plus tax)
Available: B.C. Liquor stores

Castleforte Pinot Grigio and Corvina Italy

Who doesn’t like wine on sale? Here’s a white and red from Italy that’s just the ticket when you’re having a house party and don’t want to break the bank. The Pinot Grigio has the aroma and flavours of lemon and lime. Clean and crisp with good acidity. Enjoy on its own or with any seafood appies. The Corvina grape is used to make Valpolicella but on its own I thought it was a great value, everyday sipper. Flavours of black cherries in a medium bodied wine that is great with pizza or BBQ ribs.

Price: $14.95 (plus tax)
Available: Sutton Place Wine Merchant

Bartier Bros. Gewürztraminer B.C.

Lunar or Chinese New Year is a wonderful celebration in the lower mainland and what a feast of flavours. Luckily B.C. produces some perfect wine pairings. To celebrate the Year of the Rooster here’s a gem from one of our province’s best winemakers, Michael Bartier. Gewürztraminer is one of my go-to picks for spicy Asian cuisine and Bartier Bros. nails it with this wine. The aroma signals what you’ll enjoy with first sip. Plenty of tropical flavours….mango, pineapple and grapefruit bring a beautiful cooling influence to the heat of the dish. In my case it was Sichuan beef and green beans and it worked so well. When a spicy dish is on the table you’ll find Bartier Bros. is a welcome guest.

Price: $18.24 (plus tax)
Available: Swirl Wine Store in Yaletown

Evolve Pinot Blanc B.C.

Everyone needs a good house wine. The one you always have on hand to serve to a surprise guest or when it’s been one of those days. Evolve has just the ticket with their Pinot Blanc. This is an easy drinking, affordable white that’s fine on its own but very food friendly too. A wine true to its Okanagan roots with flavours of apples and peaches and a lovely creamy finish. I paired it with chicken salad on one occasion and roast loin of pork with apple sauce and it stood up nicely. Evolve is a relatively new label in the ever growing B.C. wine world but I’d recommend you track down their wines. I think they offer some of the best value in our province. Please note there’s quite a range in price and I’ve reflected that in this review.

Price: $14.99 (plus tax)
Available: Village VQA Wines
Price: $16.95 (plus tax)
Available: Kits Wine Cellar W. 4th Ave.
Price: $16.47 (plus tax)
Available: Legacy Liquor Olympic Village

Mission Kitsilano Happy Hour

I’m such a fan of restaurants that offer interesting wine with their Happy Hour. Mission in Kits is an exceptional food experience complimented by an enjoyable wine companion. Both the red (pictured) and white are French. Each costs $5.00 during Happy Hour when they offer appetizers at 50% off. The red is a traditional red blend, think Rhone valley, while the white from Gascogne was a pleasant, medium bodied and food friendly wine. Speaking of the food, it was superb. The pork terrine (pictured) came with crackers, chutney and mustard and all are house made. They also offer artisanal cheese from Farmhouse cheese in Agassiz which is not to be missed. Other snack choices include beef croquette and hummus. Once you visit for Happy Hour you’ll want to come back for dinner. Another reason to add Mission to your dining out list is their weekend brunch where every bottle of wine on their impressive list is 50% off! That includes Champagne. Enjoy.

Mission Kitsilano
2042 West 4th Avenue
Happy Hour M-F 5:30-6:30

Vancouver International Wine Festival

If you like wine then the annual VanWineFest in February should be on your radar already. The annual celebration of the grape is the largest and best wine festival in our country and this year’s event will celebrate Canada.
It’s a unique opportunity to try wine from around the world, chat with the people who made what’s in your glass and make new wine friends. There’s no better way to grow your wine IQ than by tasting something new.
You can also buy tickets to wine dinners where some of Vancouver’s best chefs will create a unique culinary experience paired with wines chosen to compliment each course. A rare opportunity and a sensory experience that’s not to be missed.
Tickets go on sale at 9:30 a.m. Tuesday and you can get all the details at Check out the website ahead of time so you know what’s on offer. I’ll see you next month at VanWineFest!

Paul Mas Viognier France

This may be the best value white wine for sale in B.C. There I said it and I’m not backing down. I’ve never been disappointed with wines from Paul Mas but this is their champion of cheap. Drink in the beautiful aroma and for a moment you’ll be transported to a walk through a a garden in summertime. Then take your first sip and savour the peaches and honey. This is a luscious white wine that’s a perfect match for roast turkey or chicken. But it’s rich enough to pair with your favourite creamy pasta dish too. Buy more than one!

Price: $12.49 (plus tax)
Available: B.C. Liquor Stores

Bench 1775 Chill B.C.

I’m a big fan of home grown white blends and after a recent tasting of Bench 1775 Chill, I was left wondering, what took me so long? This is a perennial award winner for the winery and it’s easy to understand why. Yet I’ve never had it until now. My bad. It’s a proprietary blend of a number of white grapes that takes its lead from Sauvignon Blanc. This is a really deep white wine…what some often call a winter white. It gets that because you can pair it with richer dishes and the wine won’t be overwhelmed. Rather it’s a great match with roasted chicken or turkey with your favourite root vegetables. Perfect as an aperitif with your holiday parties too.

Price: $19.49 (plus tax)
Available: Everything Wine in North Vancouver or South Surrey
Price: $19.90 (plus tax)
Available: Village VQA Wines in Kitsilano

Vinosia Falanghina Italy

When it comes to Italian white wine it seems we’re overly dependent on Pinot Grigio. At its best I like PG as an everyday sipper. But Italy has so many other whites that should be on your radar too. The Vinosia Falanghina is a great example. There’s a lovely floral aroma which carries through into the flavour. It’s a fresh and fruit filled white with enough minerality to give the wine more depth than Pinot Grigio. A perfect companion for seafood or lighter pasta dishes. I paired it with one of my favourite dishes that included prosciutto and peas and the Falanghina worked perfectly.

Price: $18.22 (plus tax)
Available: Sutton Place Wine Merchant on Burrard street
Price: $20.99 (plus tax)
Available: Everything Wine in North Vancouver and South Surrey