Fort Berens Rose B.C. 2019

If there ever was a time to #drinkpink it’s NOW! Rarely does a rose fail to put a smile on my face and Fort Berens latest vintage is a great example. A pretty salmon pink in the glass hints at the style of this rose. Made from 100% pinot noir this is a lighter bodied, fresh take that has a lovely aroma of a summer bouquet. The taste is a fruit salad of cherries, strawberries and a nice tangy crab apple. This is further proof that Fort Berens continues to grow as a must try B.C. winery. Each vintage wins me over because you can taste the hard work and commitment to taking their place among the top tier of our province’s best. I paired this with a mild chicken curry and it lifted both the dish and the wine.

Price: $18.49 (plus tax) winery direct at
Price: $21.00 (plus tax) at Save-On wines across B.C.