Haywire Pinot Gris 2016 B.C.

Okanagan Crush Pad is the home of Haywire and Narrative wines and they pride themselves on a fresh, juicy style. That’s evident in their white label Pinot Gris. This has been a good, reliable wine friend for the last five years. B.C. is home to some delicious Pinot Gris and Haywire is arguably at the top of the list. The wine has a heady citrus aroma which carries through the long, lingering finish. Good acidity offers a beautiful balance that’s almost lip smacking. I’ve paired this white with sushi, grilled salmon and soft cheese. In fact you’ll be hard pressed to find a more food friendly wine. If you want an authentic B.C. wine count on Haywire to deliver the goods.

Price: $19.99 (plus tax)
Available: Select B.C. Liquor stores
Price: $21.65 (plus tax)
Available: Marquis Wine Cellars on Davie street
Price: $21.99 (plus tax)
Available: Swirl Wines in Yaletown