Haywire Secrest Mountain Pinot Noir 2015 B.C.

One of my favourite wines to pour on a hot summer day is this beautiful Pinot Noir. Whether you chill it slightly or not is entirely up to you but rest assured you’ll enjoy each and every sip. This Pinot puts to rest any idea that the varietal can’t be rich and full flavoured. Haywire has crafted a wine loaded with fruit, textured and so true to its Okanagan roots. The aroma is authentic and sets you up for a wonderful wine experience. The long, lingering finish is note perfect. What better way to enjoy a summer evening on the patio or deck. Add grilled salmon to the evening and you’ll be inviting Haywire back again and again.

Price: 23.99 (plus tax)
Available: Everything Wine in North Vancouver, the River District in South Vancouver and South Surrey
Price: $25.11 (plus tax)
Available: Marquis Wine Cellars on Davie Street
Price: $25.13 (plus tax)
Available: Sutton Place Wine Merchant on Burrard street
Price: $25.99 (plus tax)
Available: Swirl Wine Store in Yaletown