Narrative Cabernet Franc B.C.

Hundreds of wines were poured at the Vancouver International Wine Festival which meant your palate gave out long before the wine ran out. One of my favourites was this Cab Franc. Winemaker Matt Dumayne has carved out a deserved reputation for the less is best style of making wine. By that I mean a pure representation of the vineyards where the grapes are grown. The result is an authentic, true taste of the Okanagan. You’ll enjoy flavours of blackberries and plums with subtle herbal notes. This is a savoury wine that needs decanting to release its full flavour. If you aren’t familiar with Cab Franc let Narrative be your introduction. A very well priced wine you can taste at the Okanagan Crush Pad booth at VanWineFest.
Price: $21.99 (plus tax)
Available: B.C. Liquor stores